Póvoa e Meadas - Castelo de Vide

Póvoa e Meadas

Year: 2008

Map Area: 0,8 km2

Map Maker: Armando Rodrigues

Event: NAOM 2008

Scale: 1/5.000

GPS: 39°30’ 34.03’’ N / 7° 31’ 31.45’’ O



2 forest sprints - 3km (1,5+1,5)
Focus: self-talk, control exit

Course setter:
Eva Jurenikova

Multi - technique Training - 2.1Km
Map has three distinct parts, and each part has different elements (contours and rock elements, contours, vegetation and rock elemets and only rock elements). The runner as to adapt to them.

3 Sprint Courses - 3,5km
First is a small urban sprint, followed by a forest sprint, afterwards there is a chasing start with the sum of the previous two courses. The chasing start is a forest sprint.

Course Setter
- Tiago Gingão Leal