Trainings Alto Alentejo 2018 (in update)

We inform that some of the maps used in previous years are embargoed because the owners didn't give us authorization. For participants that were in the region in previous years we ask that you don't use the following maps:
3, 5,7,8,10,11,13,14,17,23,24. LOCATION - MAPS

Course  Setter: Tiago Gingão Leal, Eva Jurenikova, Philippe Adamski, and Fernando Costa 

Forest Trainings:

T1 - Normal Middle Distance Course - 6,7Km (New)
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Arez

T4 -  2 forest sprints 3km (1,5+1,5) Focus:self-talk, control exit;
Scale 1/5000 - Póvoa e Meadas

T4a - multi techniques - 2,1Km
One small course.
Map has three distinct parts, and each part has different elements (contours and rock elements, contours, vegetation and rock elements and only rock elements). The runner as to adapt to them.
Map Scale 1/5000 - 
Póvoa e Meadas

T7 - 5 Start Intervals - 5,6 Km (940m+1330m+1440+1270+1480) Focus:self-talk, control exit;
Scale 1/7.500 - Lage do Meio Dia W (Crato) (New)

3 MultiTech loops: memory - white map with course only, black only, jumpin 6,3km (2,0+2,6+1,7)
Focus: direction, plan for upcoming leg ready at control exit; 
Map Scale 1/7500 - Lage do Meio Dia E (Crato)

T8a - Mass Start - 7,6Km
Focus on direction with different parts, labyrinth, azimuth, windows and corridor.

Map Scale 1/7500 - Lage do Meio Dia E (Crato)


T19 - 2 Forest Sprint Courses
Map Scale 1/5.000 - Herdade do Pereiro

T19a - Windows Picking 
There are 26 controls each with an alphabet letter. 
The aim is to do all letters of the alphabet in the right order, but with a catch, you have to use your direction skills to navigate from one control to another because the only elements you have in the map are inside the control circle
Map Scale 1/10000 - Herdade do Pereiro

T20 - Middle Distance with loops - 10,1Km
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Lapa (Nisa) (New)

T20a -
Corridor - 7,1Km
Aim is to do the entire course inside the corridor.
Distance: 7.1 or 4.2 Km
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Lapa (Nisa)

T20b - Line Training - 9.2km
Goal is to go under the line for the entire length of the course
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Lapa (Nisa)

T21Be-offensive - 3,5km
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Carapinha

T21a - Formal Course (Same Be-Offensive)
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Carapinha

T21b - Forest Interval Training -  7,2Km 
6 small courses with to do over race speed.
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Carapinha

T22 - Ultra Sprint - 1,7km
Map Scale 1/5.000 - Tapada do cabeço

T25 - Two Man Relay - 10,3Km 
Relay for two runners with five loops. Each loops is to be done at full speed. The "connection" between loops is to do be done slowly in order to recover.
Map Scale 1/10.000 - Barragem da Póvoa e Meadas

T26 - Middle Distance Course - 6,8km (New)
Map Scale - 1/10.000 - Quinta das Lavandas

T26aMulti-technique training (New)
Map Scale - 1/10.000 - Quinta das Lavandas


Town Sprints

T2 - Normal Sprint
Distance: 1,8 km for first and last leg runners and 2,2 km for second and third leg runners.
Map Scale 1/4.000 - Nisa 

T6 - Sprint duel and Chasing start - 3,3km
Map Scale 1/4.000 - Castelo de Vide

T6aSprint Intervals - 3,4km 
6 Sprint Courses.
Aim is to do each course over race speed
Map Scale 1/4.000 - Castelo de Vide

T9 - Normal Sprint Couse
Map Scale 1/ 5.000 - Crato

T12Normal Sprint Course (2.6Km)
Map Scale 1/5.000 - Alter do Chão

- 6 Sprint Intervals - 3.8 km (0.7+ 0.6+ 0.5+ 0.6+0.7+0.7)
Map Scale 1/4.000 - Portalegre

T16 - Normal Sprint Course
Map Scale 1/4.000 - Amieira do Tejo 

T18Normal Sprint Course
Map Scale 1/4.000 - Marvão